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1. Above all, spend as much time as you possibly can with your child in the first couple of years. You can’t ever repeat that initial time with your first baby – It’s magical and it will be the most profound mistake to let it pass you by as you crack on with work in an effort to provide.

2. Babies aren’t expensive – that comes a couple of years down the line when child-care starts. That’s when you need to focus more on work.

3. Your relationship with your partner and child will be 10x better if you pull back a bit for a while and get stuck in hard with the baby. That will help you with work down the line.

4. You will get more efficient. You will prioritise and get things done that you never imagined possible. Help this process along by identifying where you are wasting time. For most of us this is from about 9pm to 1am when we watch tv or sit on the internet etc. Some of us go in the studio but we don’t do good work at that time in a lot of cases. As the evening wears on we tend to drift. Go to bed and switch off the light at 9, get up early and crack on with work.

5. On a related note – unless you’re a pro DJ, let go of ‘musician hours’ – If you’re trying to work until the early hours every day you will be genuinely 100% fucked. Babies tend to wake up for the day at 3 am on a regular basis. The sleep you get before midnight is critical to your sanity, and your ability to get work done when the opportunity arises. If you can sleep at 8pm DO IT – If you’ve had 4 hours by midnight, you’re absolutely laughing if they screw you with a problem in the early hours. You will then be ready to grab that couple of hours mixing when it presents itself.

6. With a CHILD vs a BABY, it will change, and you will have more luck with specific periods of protected work time. With a baby you need to be much more flexible and grab your chances when they arise. You will be able to do things you didn’t imagine.

7. Yes, this is going to be a bit challenging, and your professional progress might stall for a little while. It’s also just about the greatest time you will ever have, and it will motivate you and change the way you think about work.

Jack Ruston is a producer, recording engineer, mixer and all round top geezer. His client list includes Judas Priest, Reuben, Walking On Cars, McBusted, James Morrison, Loa Loa, Foxes and Birdy. He was also 2017 Music Producers Guild, Breakthrough Engineer Of The Year nominee.

New MixBus Strategies Book And Video Series From Eddie Bazil

Heavyweight Bass group member and contributor, and all round audio guru Eddie Bazil has released his latest title ‘MixBus Strategies.

This is essential reading if you want to master the MixBus and improve your mixing!!

MixBus Strategies: The Definitive Guide For Producers offers over 180 pages of production secrets that will help both beginners and more experienced producers and mastering engineers alike, accompanied by a massive collection of before/after audio examples, screenshots and supplementary videos.

Accompanied with 17 videos and 130 audio files this book is aimed at those that like to get their hands dirty with working exercises peppered with solid physics.

For the first time ever an entire book has been dedicated in exploring and revealing some of the music industry’s secrets on how producers manage the elusive MixBus or Master Bus.

Inside you will find chapters that cover very specialized techniques and processes, each accompanied with before and after audio examples with clear and concise large screen grabs for easy reading. In addition to all detailed descriptions and analysis, each chapter includes clear screen shots from a range of recommended VST software plug ins, showing you every setting, parameter and slider position, plus every single audio example discussed in the book is included (24 bit stereo WAV files), ready to open up in your favourite audio editor and DAW for full analysis. Each process example is carefully analyzed, explaining exactly how each parameter you adjust is altering the audio, ensuring you completely understand how to use the different techniques to professionally construct your Master Bus dynamics.

To help the reader with basic principles of audio production an additional 17 videos have been provided that cover all the basic and advanced processes covered in the book.

Containing indepth tutorials on the secrets of constructing the Master/MixBus Bus Dynamics this book has chapters devoted to various current popular genres, notably Hip Hop and EDM, plus extensive examples covering all types of mixbus textures from transparent (pre mastering) to silky smooth for film, from airy to hard hitting; all types of mixbus dynamics are explained in detail!

The book’s main aim is to help you in understanding the processes and processors producers and mastering engineers use to work the Master Bus/MixBus, be it for transparent mastering or for genre-specific processing.