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A Quick Tip – Decouple your monitors!

Resonant coupling can be an issue if you’ve got you speakers placed on a shelf, table and even stands. The phenomenon is caused by the frequencies vibrating the speaker against what it’s sitting on, which in turn can cause comb-filtering causing frequencies to add or cancel with each other when coupled. This resonance can inaccurately color what you are hearing.

How to solve this?

Go out and invest some money in a good monitor isolation product.

Have a look at the Isoacoustics stands, Auralex MoPad and Primacoustic’s Recoil Stabilizers or IsoPads. These products are designed to isolate a monitors from the surface it’s placed on, thus reducing acoustic coupling.

A Quick Tip – Use Your EQ’s Bypass Button

Switching the EQ’s bypass between on and off as you tweak a sound is a great way to help you make a clear, objective analysis on the before and after results. But as you flick between the two, if the perceived volume is not the same, it’s easy to fall into the “louder is better” mindset.

What’s the best way to avoid this? Simply either decrease or increase the EQ’s output gain by as many dB needed to balance the listening level when the plugin is bypassed. Using this method will give you more confidence in the EQ’in choices you make.