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Top 3 Plugins, Dec – Tim Engelhardt

With two Australian shows about to start, we caught up with German tech-house producer Tim Engelhardt to ask him about his current Top 3 plugins.

TDR Labs Proximity

This is a little, but immensely powerful tool. It allows me to manipulate the depth of sound sources which can be a good help when mixing down a song. It saves me a lot of time plus the best thing about it – it’s completely free.

Soundtoys 5

Not such a secret tip, but the overall quality is amazing. I sometimes work on the fly with my Mac which only has these plugins on it, and they are good enough for me to create a track. There are so many effects around, but Soundtoys are my choice and I doubt I will ever go back. Best purchase I ever made!

Voxengo SPAN

Super useful tool and a great way to see what you’re actually doing. This one has helped me so many times already and it’s also free, so I definitly recommend it!


Tour Dates

Friday 16th December: New Guernica Melbourne
Saturday 17th December: Sly Fox, Sydney

Top 3 Plugins, December – David Keno

Swiss-born, but Berlin-based, David Keno is one of the most followed and established underground house acts on the planet. We caught up with him at the start of his current Australian tour for a chat about his current Top 3 plugins.
Fabfilter 2 Pro
There are an endless amount of equalizer plugins out there, but this one is the one I use the most. It is on almost every stem in every track I produce. The integrated analyzer is so helpful and makes it super easy and quick to work with: Clean up the low end and spot problematic frequencies right away. You can even grab a peak in the analyzer and drag it down or up. Absolutely sensational. Why didn’t someone think of this before?
The only thing I am missing is an automatic display of, let’s say, the three highest peaks and show their musical tuning next to them. This would save me even more time but I don’t want to complain.
U-He Diva
Of course there has to be a synthesizer in my top 3. It was not an easy choice because Omnisphere 2 gets used a lot too, but I think Diva is still my number one. When it comes to deep and warm basslines there is no plugin that can do it better than Diva. Endless possibilities for modulations, the great sounding fx and one of the best digital filters I’ve heard so far makes this one of the most important tools in my studio. I could make endless tracks with only using this plugin if I had to. It is pretty CPU hungry but I guess that’s the price you have to pay for a sound with this quality.
Valhalla Vintage Verb
I have tons of other reverbs but this has been on 2 of my send busses for a couple of years now. I compared it to so many other reverbs but I almost always chose the Vintage Verb. It has 3 different sound color modes: 1970s which has a bit of a lo-fi texture, 1980s (a little bit less lo-fi but still gritty) and “Now” which is clean. It doesn’t have too many controls but still enough possibilities to shape the sound. Yes, the most important thing is the sound and this is just excellent. From small ambience reverbs to huge spaces they all sound stellar and creates a beautiful room. The best thing is, it costs something around $50 and is very CPU friendly. I don’t need anything else in terms of reverb.
Wednesday 7th December: Electric Rush, Queenstown
Friday 9th December: Revolver, Melbourne

Slate Digital AES 2016 Announcements

AES 2016 is now in full swing with 4 big announcements from Slate Digital!

AES Announcement 1 of 4!!!

Introducing FG-Stress, an Official Emulation of the Empirical Labs Distressor! Available soon in the Everything Bundle, now at $14.99

AES Announcement 2 of 4!!

Introducing VERBSUITE CLASSICS REVERB! Eight of the industry’s most classic reverbs all in ONE PLUGIN! Going to beta next week, very close to release!

AES Announcement 3 of 4!!

Introducing Repeater Modeled Delay! TWENTY THREE Incredible sounding delay units in one plugin with a fast and powerful interface! It’s in beta RIGHT NOW folks! Fixing some bugs and then it’s out!

AES Announcement 4 of 4!! The BIGGIE!!

Last year I realized that the world of software sales was changing, but the audio plugin business was not. Audio Pros were spending thousands of dollars to purchase the latest and greatest audio plugins, and often regretting some of those decisions when they realized that the software retained very little value. That’s why we launched the Everything Bundle in 2015, which offered engineers every one of our plugins, top third party plugins, and every new plugin we come out with, for only $24.99 monthly.

Many people feared that we’d raise the price of the bundle as we started to add value, and the concern only increased as we added two thousand dollars worth of new plugins to the Everything Bundle last year alone. I assured people that this was not our intentions, and that when we hit a certain milestone, we’d want to decrease the price.  Well, the milestone has been reached.

Starting today, you can get the Slate Digital EVERYTHING BUNDLE Annual plan billed monthly for only $14.99 or pay up front for $179.88. That’s 40% OFF our previous rates. I know everyone kind of hates the term “no brainer” but with this deal it might actually be quite fitting!

If you were to buy all the analog modeled tape machines, consoles, preamps, compressors, equalizers, guitar amps, dessers, mastering limiters, reverbs, delays, and more, you’d be spending several thousand dollars.

Check out what EVERYTHING users are saying:

Bonus Announcement!

Everything Bundle Monthly Users who want to switch from $24.99 to the $14.99 Annual Billed Monthly plan can find out how to do it by clicking the image below

Notes: The new plan doesn’t have the LX480, but the Verbsuite Classics Plugin has models of the 480, AND, it has SEVEN other amazing reverb models that you will love! It will be in beta next week. Second note, the new plan STARTS after your current billing cycle is over!