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A Quick Ableton Tip – Corpus Sidechain Feature

Heavyweight Bass Facebook group member, Ner Mage, shared this great little tip for adding some magic to your drums…

“Ableton’s Corpus has an amazing and quite often overlooked sidechain feature which, when Frequency/Last is enabled, the tuning of the resonance is determined by the incoming MIDI note, effectively keeping it in Key with the signal. This is great for adding resonance and depth to drums like toms, bass drums and 808’s for that extra boom!”

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Free Ableton Live Packs



Here’s three cool little FREE Ableton live packs for you to download. Don’t know much about these guys at all, but a few of the Heavyweight Bass Facebook group members downloaded them and reports have been positive!


All you have to do is the usual – enter your email. You can also donate if you wish. That’s about it, I’ll leave it up to you


The Free packs are:

  • Tonewheel Organ for Ableton Live – a multi-sampled vintage organ for Ableton Sampler v1.5. The instrument has a very warm sound that can easily be enhanced by a chorus and a reverb.
  • DarkPads for Ableton Live –  a collection of 6 Ableton Sampler instruments for dark ambient music.
  • Korean Gayageum Instrument for Ableton Live – The Gayageum is probably the best known Korean traditional instrument. Its sound is similar to the Japanese Koto and the Chinese Guzheng.